what it takes to be sexy


This one’s for you.
Being sexy doesn’t mean being slutty.
there are ways to maintain your class while being sexy, let me tell you how.

1. Keep the dirty talk for the bedroom
I know sometimes the whole sexy in public thing usually sounds really wild and well.. public. however avoid it. Let your man know you can keep it calm while out.

2. Dress/Undress in front of him
Nothing turns a man on more than watching you put on what he will later take off.

3.Don’t overdo the PDA
Public displays of attention should be decent. No tonguing him in front of the statue of liberty of liberty or any random street. A nice long peck will do. this is gonna build the suspense for later 😉

4. Avoid work talks
“ugh baby I had such a horrible day at work, Ted messed up my agenda book and now ” all he hears is BLAH BLAH BLAH cmon ladies. is there really nothing else you can talk about. talk about your kids [if any] , plan a trip, sit on his lap and tell him he’s sexy. now he’s turned on and you made him feel good.

Ladies its not hard to impress men. we should do these for our own satisfaction.

love, peace, please!

    • WendyJC
    • October 30th, 2011

    I’ll remember that if and when i find a good man 🙂

  1. Glad I could help!

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