My new tattooo

Well hello there and good day. I have been itching lately to get a tattoo that i have been saving up for quite sometime. My parents are never really approving of my tattoos but i think it’s worth it.. I dont get pointless tattoos. like a damn butterfly for NO reason, if you have a reason, by all means go for it! just remember it’s permanent. and your BOYFRIEND isn’t.

I already have some tattoos of my own:


Tattoo number 2 :

So as you guys can see they’re small. They all have a special meaning to me, so don’t judge me.

but NOW this is my new mission

I received this in the mail from a friend who was in jail at the time. He’s an amazing artist but he only does it for the love it. So when i received this i was amazed and in the letter he told me to ‘take care and be strong’ .. well my grandmother, who raised me from bottom up, passed away about a month after he sent me this. I thought it was symbolic of her and her strength and the way she watched over me and my family with such charisma and grace. My friend went missing in July of 2009, the police has no idea as to where he is, I believe he’s just making a new life for himself wherever he might be. But yes, this is the meaning of my tattoo, it tells my life story.

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