Cheating And Second Chances

 “Be the person you want to find. Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime

I got a message asking me what my opinion is on cheating and second chances

First off, If you’re a man you should know that this is in no way trying to say you can never change, i am just a difficult person.

    – If you want to be with another woman, leave the woman you are with right now.

If you are able to sit down look a woman in the face and tell her you did not cheat on her when you know you did. That says something about your character. It says you don’t love yourself enough to allow a relationship in your life.

        – If you aren’t ready for a relationship that’s okay. BE SINGLE,

there’s nothing wrong with that. when you are single you can date and have sex with as many woman as you’d like just know that when you find the right woman, you’re going to start setting these standards that are unreachable for any woman.

      -Now, Seconds chances are difficult but i think they’re possible.

I want to believe in second chances but i have never seen a man who got a second chance… ACTUALLY got a second chance.

  1. – As women, we find it hard to trust after being cheated on.

When guys say a woman has her “guard” up. He has NO clue that there’s a whole army blocking that door back to her trust and unless you save her life from a fire, i doubt that the trust is ever coming back. & it’s not like we dont want to forgive, it’s just that we feel insecure about the relationship. Cheating on a woman could mean that you were drunk, or it could mean that there is another woman out there capable of  getting what she thought was only hers.

Time is the key. 

If you have been trying and trying to forgive a man;

let it go, or let him go.

Stop bringing it back up every time you run out of arguments during a fight.

Let him in if you’re going to be with him if not that’s okay.

Love isn’t enough to keep a relationship alive.

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