What to get my boyfriend for Christmas




1. Watch 

Of course Maybe not a Philippe Patek Watch, but a nice watch will do. Set the standard.





2. Fishing poles, Outdoor gear. 

Every man has that sport they love and they seem to think they never have enough of. Baseball runs in my family blood, we love it. My brother gets something new every year and he loves it.



3.Boxers with a twist

This is by FAR my favorite type of gift. When you customize boxers for your guy. They eat that shit up. They want you to see it on them so they will definitely wear them.







4. Concert tickets

Who doesn’t love music? Plus they get to see a new side of you, a relaxed humble woman. Play it right.








Football, soccer, whatever it is, they will love you and treasure you. Not that they don’t ALREADY im sure.


If you still don’t like any of these ideas, how about a jersey.






You’re welcome ladies!



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