Finding the right guy

There is no easy way to say this, but TIME is going to help you heal any old wounds from old relationships.

If you’re still reading, shows you have some type of patience.


Well i’m the love expert.  No..Really.

Truth is, in order to have a great guy in your life, you must be 100% ready to be in a relationship. what’s the perfect guy if not the perfect time right?

If you think you’re ready but need some reassurance let me ask you a couple questions and you answer to yourself and decide if you’re really ready.



Do you prefer the perfect guy or the perfect relationship?

Do you think you can sit next to a guy and feel completely comfortable with him looking at you?


– Love isn’t easy and it isn’t worth it if its not worked for.

Okay now i will tell you how to reel in your perfect guy

1. Be modest, don’t be needy. If there’s one thing guys hate is feeling attached.

Instead of calling and texting him a million times or stalking his website, how about you read a book or go for a run get your mind off of him. The obsession has GOT to stop.

2. Expect the best for yourself.

“Don’t be a nickel out here looking for a dime” – Lyfe Jennings

if that doesn’t say enough about what i mean i’ll explain.

if you consider yourself to be a decent human being, that being, sweet, smart, caring, and somewhat good looking, when you deserve just the same amount in a relationship. Don’t ever let anyone treat you like you’re less than what you are. The perfect guy will think the sun shines out of your  ASS .

3. TRUST him.

Hey, stop going through his phone. If he’s cheating on you.. guess what?

YOU’LL find out. Don’t be so obvious and guilt trip him. give him the choice to have you and see how much of a humble person you are. Keep your posture and head strong.Let your walls down if you’re trying to let someone in.

If you don’t get hurt along the process you’ll never appreciate it.


4.  LOVE

that’s the most important thing.. LOVE HIM.

“All that i know is i don’t know how to be something you miss, your name… forever the name on my lips” – Taylor Swift

let’s get serious. i always say this. LOVE COMES FIRST

love yourself first before you try to love anyone else.

If you give someone a chance and show them that you’re in it for love. everything will come together


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