What I hate about doctors

I decided to write about things I think need to change about doctors and their offices. Here we go.

1. If you’re running a pediatrician’s office, AKA a kid’s doctor. For godsake, have some toys! These kids need something to keep themselves entertained or they will fuss and they will cry and they will cause a domino effect on the other kids. It’s frustrating to the parents and its frustrating for the kids. Simple mind games to get their brains flowing are all they need

2. The parents who yell and use their cellphone and scream even more than the kids.
STOP IT! Seriously? What is your problem? You are in a doctor’s office. Get off the phone. Shut your mouth and take care of your insolent child. I have seen this happen so many times. Doctors need to enforce this in every office. Unless it’s an emergency, doctors tell your assistants to enforce this and you will have a better environment

3. Know your patients

Hey are you a new patient?

A doctor should know who his patients are.
Regardless of their time being together.
Story time:
I was seen by my old doctor for 14 years. This was my pediatrician and everytime I went into that office I could feel the dread of everyone in that office, the staff, the dr, the patients. It was truly a horrible experience but worst than that was the fact that every time I went in, he forgot my name. Let’s just say I don’t visit him at all. 

Hope im helping you guys in agreeing with me. Good day!

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