PhotoJournal: Preholiday Escape.

Sweeks & Peaches

A mere 2 weeks before I was due to head on home for the holidays I took a sneaky long weekend off to visit the homes of my flat-mates, Nicki and Tarryn.  In this case it was a bout of “If not, why not?” and it worked out grandly!


First stop Sedgefield – well in fact we were just outside of Sedgefield, a little gem hidden away between the lake and the forest.  Even better.

Yip, this is the scene that greets you each time you walk out the back door of Nicki’s house.  How serene.


Add a couple of boats and a canoe or two and you’re in a haven for the soul.  Although your body might not agree with that statement after an afternoon of tubing – my arms were pap for the next few days!


Keeping things chilled, as they should be.



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