Some exciting things about me

So now that i have followers, i wanted to let you guys know some things about me that i’m excited about.

  • I’m a senior.  I’ll be 18 on February 9th.
  • I was born and raised in Nicaragua. That’s central America for the ones who didnt pay attention in Geography.
  • I have the WORST sleeping habits, that’s why some post of  mine appear late at night
  • I have a Dell Laptop, which has never given me any problems until now, that well, the charger died on me.
  • I love Cars.  I’ve attended Mustang week 2 years in a row. I can put a jeep together and apart in one day.
  • I studied Accounting, (and hated it) my freshmen year in HS. So i switched over to Biology which is great!
  • I live in MD, i’ve lived here since i was 8.
  • I leave to Nicaragua in June to study Marine Biology which i’m SO excited about.
  • The time right now is 11:32pm and my WordPress account says it’s 4:05am .

If anyone knows how to fix that, Please tell me.

  • I have sisters and brothers and parents.
  • I can’t wait to get out of High school
  • Animals are just a passion to me.
  • I am NOT that great with kids.
  • I worked at Noodles & Company
  • I am adorable.
  • I wear heels, whenever i get the chance to. I love them.
  • I have a mind that i believe not many people would understand.
  • I can fix people problems like it’s nothing.
  • I love meeting new people
  • I’ve gone to many places and seen many things
  • Costa Rica
  • Honduras
  • Niagara Falls
  • Canada
  • Many States
  • Hawaii
  • My dream vacation : Australia.
  • Wish Before i Die : Meet Winter the dolphin
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  1. Definitely interesting! By the way, if you go into the dashboard, there is a little button at the bottom called “settings” where you can change your time zone so the time will be right.

  2. Thank you!

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