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Pet peeves

I actually don’t have many pet peeves other than the simple.. close the door when you leave my room and put the toilet seat down.

I thought of all of the things I absolutely cannot stand when I am in a relationship and made a list.. So Here we go!

1. Obsessive calling
2. Calling me ‘man’ “what’s up mannn”
3. Hanging up on me
4. Touching me when I’m hot
5. When they’re late
6. Attention seeker
7. A guy that works, doesn’t save and is always broke
8. Those guys that want to know where you’re at alllll of the time

This is a small list of things that I thought of right now and decided to share !

Love you guys!


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My rant

I dont usually have crazy rants about myself. But I have one today. You guys dont know this but I have actually been going to the gym(lost 10lbs *high five*) and I always have that one annoying guy staring at my body like a piece of meat. Now I just want to let you guys know that read this. Please dont do that. girls go to the gym to lose weight, gain confidence. Thats the goal. So when you stare her down you’re making her feel insecure. Even if its a good look. You notice flaws that you could work on and obsess over them.Another thing, stop looking at my machine when I’m running. Stop counting my calories. Its so annyoing. Focus on your workout. Shit. And one more thing, wear deodorant. It’s not fun having to run next to som meone that reeks.

Hello, Is It This Video You’re Looking For?

Hello, Is It This Video You’re Looking For?.

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Getting over ex boyfriends

If you are TRYING to get over your boyfriend, continue reading.

If you want pitty, leave now.

Nothing sucks more than breaking up with someone whom you though you would spend the rest of your life with. As a girl, we deal with things differently and we have different ways of coping with pain. I have been through breaks up and i have felt every possible emotion so i think i’m a good enough source.

1. Baby steps. 1 2 3

take the 3 days off. Ever heard of this? yeah.  It works.

Take 3 days off from the world, give yourself 3 days to cry and scream and be an idiot and feel pain. After those 3 days, it is time to go back to life.  After 3 days, you’re just playing the pitty game and trying to make people feel bad for you. Stop it. Take life slow, adjust to being on your own.  It’s a big change to go from one day having someone next to you and the next feeling lonelier than the fish in the deep ocean.

2. Cut it off

Your phone. As much as you want to call and text him and say i love you and cry and try to get what you had back, do you realize how hard it is to ever feel the same way? nearly impossible. Think about what would happen if you two got back together and it was because he saw you weak and felt bad. Would you ever feel really satisfied. If it didn’t work out and you’re trying to get over him (obvi.) then you two just were not working out.

3. Friends

I can’t express this enough. It’s hard to read this and be like YEAH OMG THAT’S GONNA MAKE ME FEEL AWESOME. No actually try this. don’t lose yourself and become an outcast because of a relationship. No matter how much love you feel at the moment.

4. No peeping toms.

PLEASE PLEASE. do not stalk, follow, look for your ex anywhere.If you know he’s gonna be at the gym at 9am, and you purposely go to the gym and IGNORE him. He’s going to think you’re desperate and be turned off.


If you accidentally run into him, which if you live in that same city WILL happen at least once, SAY HELLO. Be polite. I always say if you’re old enough to be in a relationship, then you’re old enough to have manners.If you’re old enough to have sex, you should be old enough to take responsibility. Say hello. Just do it, no matter if he doesn’t say it back.  At least you’re big enough to say hello and show you’re not bitter (even if you’re dying inside) . Now if he doesn’t say anything back, shows who’s still not over who.

6. Question things.

Was it because i didn’t do this right? Maybe i did this wrong? What if i didn’t give him enough of this? STOP IT! Question things that actually matter like, Why am i letting a guy put me down? ‘ he’s not just some guy he’s special’ .. no. He’s just some guy. How come he did leave?  maybe it was something HE did, and not you and was too scared to tell you, or maybe he grew out of love. But don’t please please DON’T blame yourself for the break up.  A relationship is a two way street. One action is influenced by another.


If you want to start a new relationship, it will help you so much. I don’t advise you to get into anything serious, just date unless you are completely over your ex and have seen yourself mature and change.

Other than this, i really cannot think of anything else that will help you get over your ex. Again, this is really only what i would do, It has worked and i have seen it work however, i think people never actually stick to it with passion.

Hope i helped!

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Jason Goroncy

The biggest threat to science and scientific progress is not religion or religious believers, with our superstitious or supernatural beliefs, but the arrogance of those atheist fundamentalists among the scientific community who believe that science is the only legitimate and conceivable way to explain or understand the world – and who antagonise a sceptical public in the process.

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