Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this time to say Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you guys have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Sadly, my family just happens to be enemies with the rest of my relatives so i am home doing nothing. not even watching anything. just sitting here. it´s okay though, i promised myself i will never let another year go by being bored at home staring at a wall, i´m too young for that nonsense. Anyways,


Happy 2012! let it be a prosperous one


I wanted to also feature some myths or traditions that go along with a new year TRY IT!


Dried Blackeyed peas in your wallet or purse
Brings extra money for the new year. I always thought of the peas as pennies and greens as dollars


Do Not wash on New Years Day!
It is bad luck and believed to wash-out a family member. You can add sweeping. I guess that could work in your favor for a family member you do not like.


Loud noises, Bell Ringing, Fireworks and Shooting
At 12 midnight, on New Year’s eve, “Shooting in the air” and making loud noises at the stroke of midnight is believed to have scared demonic forces away.



New Year’s revelers in Spain consume twelve grapes at midnight—one grape for each stroke of the clock. This dates back to 1909, when grape growers in the Alicante region of Spain initiated the practice to take care of a grape surplus. The idea stuck, spreading to Portugal as well as former Spanish and Portuguese colonies such as Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. Each grape represents a different month, so if for instance the third grape is a bit sour, March might be a rocky month. For most, the goal is to swallow all the grapes before the last stroke of midnight, but Peruvians insist on taking in a 13th grape for good measure.

What Not to Eat

In addition to the aforementioned lucky foods, there are also a few to avoid. Lobster, for instance, is a bad idea because they move backwards and could therefore lead to setbacks. Chicken is also discouraged because the bird scratches backwards, which could cause regret or dwelling on the past. Another theory warns against eating any winged fowl because good luck could fly away


The egg Myth

I do this every year, there is a myth that on New Years eve you´re supposed to crack an egg into a glass cup and cover it and put it under your bed until the next day at 12 noon and check it. you will find either a boat, which means you´ll be traveling, a church which means religion will meet your life, or a coffin which represents death.


AGAIN, these are just things that my mother has said to me throughout the years. i don´t actually believe in any of these. Try them!

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  1. Any news about A defector’s unexplainable disappearance?

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