Things That Annoy Me.

By a show of hands how many people get annoyed when they’re told to raise their hands.


I am not a fan of many things, i consider myself to be a very nice and calm person but some things that people do i just cannot stand. I have realized that throughout the years i have expanded my tolerance for a lot of things but there’s some things that always seem to get to me. For example;


do you know how much more energy it must take to open your mouth everytime you chew instead of just keeping it closed? (i dont. i assume more)


I  don’t mind if you scream my name in the halls or catch up to me.  But if you are close enough to tap me, then you are certainly close enough to just say my name and i’ll turn around


i understand sometimes we just cannot help what we eat or we’ve had a long day and our mouths get too dry but seriously there are easy ways to fix this, just drink a lot of water, or eat something that will help you.


I mean it’s a basic principle that is learned throughout the years how hard is it really? It’s 2012! let’s get a book and learn something kids. Sad thing is, i see adults doing this.


when i am right next to you, please don’t scream. It’s like a rule in life, people can hear you talking if you’re next to them. we were made that way for a reason.


That one person who thinks they know everything in class, and believe they deserve the best grade. Well, obviously we are in the same room at the same time, so technically, you’re not that different. Now if they’re naturally smart and you aren’t there’s nothing wrong with that! i’m happy for you. just dont be an ass about it.


enough said.


i understand that you have the remote but when you are watching something that NO ONE in that room but you likes, is it really fair? STOP IT. move on to the next show.


I don’t mean relationship wise. I mean, the gym or working with someone in a project or an animal. That’s just annoying. Either don’t take the responsibility or do but don’t drag someone else along.


shut up.


That’s some of the things that really annoys me personally. What about you guys?

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