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Making my way back.


I Hope this isn’t just another message in your inbox! I really missed writing and sharing my life with you all!

I’m going to make this short and simple. I have been crazy busy!

I began working at Dunkin donuts of course, it’s not the best job in the world but hey, it’s something. I graduated high school! And I met a really special guy that has now joined me in my journey through life.

I won’t beat around the bush, and I’ll be the first to admit.. I suck at managing time and taking care of different tasks. There! Phewww! But I am now getting better at it and I am learning about myself while I’m going through it.

Here’s some things to help you guys that helped me!

• Write things down!
Make a note on your iPhone if you have to but DO It!

There is nothing worst than forgetting something that you should have remembered because we all know it sucks.

• Prioritize *
What is more important?
What do I NEED most?

• Do the hard things first!!!
I know.. It sucks!
But get the hardest things out of the way first because then, the easy things Will be …. Easier !

• Do not forget the important things.
If there is work that can wait, then go out! Feeling worked up is never good.
Don’t work 24/7 because all of the work you do will never feel rewarding unless you take the time to let it sink it!

I am telling you.. These things made me come back to myself overall.

Don’t hesitate in life. Make it worth it!