Today I came across a quote that made me think about my life twice. And my struggles as well as my achievements. I noticed how the most beautiful things in life go through burden too.

A lady walked in with long blonde hair
& penetrating blue eyes that made every person in the room turn to her, almost like a magnet attracting to the positive.
I took her order and sent her off to the other side of the room.
As she walked off
I noticed something almost awakening, a tattoo, on her right arm,
of a quote of some sort, somehow,
I couldn’t help but find out.
I tried to make out the letters
but they were just too hidden.
As she walked by me, the most unbelievable thing happened

she says to me,

hi I’m sorry!
I just wanted to tell you
I really like your peace tattoo

it was almost like
she had come across my path
for a reason.
I read her tattoo for the first time
after thanking her for noticing
& the tattoo simply said ;

Diamonds are made under pressure

To me, this was beautiful.
It was simple but so self-defining.
Needed no explanation
No confirmation, you take it
As you take it and
You leave.

Made me feel appreciated, almost wanted. For being a diamond.
Then again,
Who isn’t?


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