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Seeing the light

Drifting by in life, i realized that i never really truly took care of my life and my emotions,

the more i think about it the less I’m able to share. 

I have turned down many opportunities,

yet i’ve chased so many mistakes.

What makes it okay to settle for anyone, anything, ever? 

Let me open your eyes, i don’t ask for much… 

How many times have you given your total and undivided attention to a task?

you finish it and then realize how completely unimportant it is to the world?


We are taught to think that we have to work hard to be someone in life,

and the truth is;

we don’t.


We have all the necessary tools to be the most successful, important and interesting people. All we need to do is pay attention to the people who we let in our lives, and the decisions we make.

What’s the difference between you and Oprah? 

Money you say? … well she has two arms, two legs, two eyes, one heart, two ears.

And you? The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Consider how hard it is to make a glass table, and how easily it is broken. 

However shattered we are, we must make ourselves believe.

The power of thought is amazing, consider that everything

that you use was once an idea, nothing was just there..

Everything.. your laptop.. your phone.. your ELECTRICITY.

Its your life, you run it.

Don’t ever blame someone else for your failure because, there is no excuse.

Don’t be scared of being the only shadow you see on the wall.