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20 seconds

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds, 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery & trust me something great will happen”

So I’m watching “We bought a zoo” & somehow this quote took over me & quickly. Maybe this could be right? Could 20 seconds change your life.. Increase your boldness? change your perspective? I wish I was braver than I am to go ahead and try this.. But I’m such a chicken. I guess one day I’ll know. You can only find out when you try right? Hope you guys have the guts to do this!


Up all night

I had quite a night. I couldn’t sleep, I thought of a million and one ways to put myself to sleep but sometimes the want is more powerful than the need.

I began a scavenger hunt for my past pictures, i found a million old pictures, some pretty sweet some are just seriously funny.

I found pictures of my childhood dogs, birds, I never knew I had a toucan, as well of pictures of old boyfriends, friends that look like babies, and now.. They HAVE babies.. It was a weird experience!

Sometimes I wonder about how much I miss those times. When I had absolutely no worries, no stress, no obligations, no responsibilities, nothing.

Then I remember that I absolutely love my life, the flaws, the good the bad, the ugly the beautiful, perfectly imperfect.

I learned a wonderful lesson last night as I closed my laptop;

I’ve come so far & grown so much, & that’s a gift that not even time can take away.

The year of the survivors!

Hello 2013, hello to all who made it through another year of constant struggle and pain as well as some beauty! Now now, dont call me a pessimist, i must speak reasonably and from experience.

I have learned a couple of things this year, and well, i wanted to share. 

Hey once a year doesn’t hurt!

This year; like every year, i have lost and made friends, lost a lot of things but gained so much more. This year has taught me to be a fighter, to keep my head held high through all the chaos and struggles. 

Some tips ;

DONT hesitate. Do it, there is a reason that this opportunity has come your way (unless it’s taking candy from a stranger, or getting into a stranger’s van) 

We grow up with the idea of being so sheltered and so careful to get hurt that we’re never taught what to do when it happens. Sometimes, getting hurt is good, i may sound crazy YES! but seriously, it’s a reminder that we’re only humans and we are allowed to make mistakes, making mistakes isnt bad either, we’re all humans! nobody’s perfect! 

Learn to forgive.. mostly yourself 

Now i can go ahead for hours and rant about what that means, but this goes for anybody in need of some comforting. Hey, we mess up sometimes. We cannot go out into the world apologizing to a million and one people when we cannot even forgive ourselves. i believe that’s the problem with society, we care too much about other people and too little about ourselves.THERE IS NOBODY IN THE WORLD MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU, you know why i say that? because everyone is capable of hurting you (yes, even your mom) so at the end of the day, dont block your heart just shelter it, and love it and breathe! love yourself a little more, lose those extra pounds, spend on that expensive dress, buy the best food, visit the most beautiful places, and treat yourself like royalty, because people notice when you like yourself.. they really notice.


Now, love life.

I’m no expert in love life, i have had some very beautiful relationships and i have had some terrible relationships. The word “survivor” couldnt apply more than on this topic! Being in love, falling in love, or not, is one of the hardest things to do in life. This year i hope to see some strong woman come out of it. i want to see woman, in love, in a healthy relationship, who love themselves enough to love someone else fully.

The problem with woman nowadays is that they are too available, get upset if you want to but that is the truth, and honestly to anyone getting upset.. you’re probably one of them. This world has come to a scary point, where girls can have kids at 15 and parents are okay with it, and where children are going out all night without parental permission nor consequences, what is the beauty in that? Women, need to be better example to your children, to your siblings. Men like a woman who is smart, and can hold their own. Independence is key lady, you do not need a man to pay for your lunch all the time, that’s why you work. This topic is extremely touchy, but ill go into it anyway. Sometime, we sit and complain about how a men gets paid more than a women, and how we do not have equal rights and dadadada. Equal rights, well, why do we still expect men to act like in the old days, where they pay everything and do everything, Is that really fair? They’re allowed to pay for everything, but you who want to be treated differently follow the same old tactics, that will never solve this! Love is difficult, yes but is it worth is? absolutely so find a way to love yourself and be okay with yourself before you go and love someone else. 


And that is all i got today, thank you followers!

Thank you strangers, come back and browse!