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Oh man, here I go again!

By now, most of you must have realized that I am going through a break up.
Yes, a one year relationship with the guy who I thought would be my love forever. THere’s problem #1 .

Now now ladies/ gentleman,I want to help but also bare with me as this is very personal to my heart.

They say there are steps and books and a list of things you can do after a break up, & it’s probably true but like I said in my last post, have a 3 day mini vacation for yourself.

oh man, that urge! That want! That need! To talk to that one guy who used to be your everything!

I know ladies, it’s so easy to send a text now adays. Just remember that with every text you send, you’re just pushing him away from you. So if you WANT TO BE WANTED, he must want you enough to text you first.

NOW, if he’s not texting YOU first, &&
You just want to at least read his texts.. This is what you can do.

Leave your phone at home.
Go out for AT LEAST 6 hours,
Or just sit in your balcony go for a run
Go to the pool, go out with a friend..
Do something! Don’t just sit there waiting for that text because that means, this guy has total control over you..

Don’t ever be that girl that he can laugh at, or show his friends and say “she’s so annoying she texts me all the time” .. Yes this does happen. Be the girl that he can say, ” man we broke up and she’s just taking this lightly, maybe I was wrong about her” .. This, MIGHT happen.

I’m giving you little pointers on how to help your life, or if you just think about him, WRITE ABOUT HOW NOT TO TEXT HIM. But that’s just me lol

Thank you guys. Gooood night.