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Grammys 2015

Just some pics of my fav. Dressed






















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A big HELLO To all new followers and a great big HELLO to all of my first followers.

Today I have to speak out. I have to rant, you might say; well I call it addressing issues!

Let me paint a picture for ya;

Relationship of years? Can one still be amicable with your ex? SHOULD you?

I have been wondering how some people can be “friends” with their exs. I sure as heck could never.

It’s not because they were horrible ugly people and destroyed my life(no, really.) BUT because there is always a feeling left behind that one can’t help. I was dating my now ex for 4 years, lived together for a short period of time and broke up after about 1 month of his moving out. Why? Many reasons. Not the point. If you ever need reasons to not be friends with your exs.. Keep reading.

1. You loved each other, ALOT.

There isn’t much to be said here except for, love never truly dies, it just gets replaced by other feelings for the time of “forgetting” but love never dies, not your fucking around-never settling down dude/gal, I’m talking real love, that never goes away. EVER. So you seeing your ex on the daily. NOT THE BEST IDEA BRO.


“What if he stayed because he’s waiting for me to change and he will love me again.. Like before!” He stayed because you’re the go-to. You’re the safe place, the amarte girl, the reallygoodheadgiving girl. Lets be honest, one can only deal with the realities not the what ifs. Be stronger than your emotion for sake!

& 3.


100% sex sex sex.

It’s your comfort zone you know him he knows you, it’s easy and fast.
But it never will be the same. HE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU THE SAME… Because what you see as “casual sex” aka “making sweet love to the man that still loves me dearly” they see as “CASUAL SEX and nothing more. Don’t get your hopes up.


So I hope for now my harsh love helped. Love you guys! Have a safe night!


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Oh man, here I go again!

By now, most of you must have realized that I am going through a break up.
Yes, a one year relationship with the guy who I thought would be my love forever. THere’s problem #1 .

Now now ladies/ gentleman,I want to help but also bare with me as this is very personal to my heart.

They say there are steps and books and a list of things you can do after a break up, & it’s probably true but like I said in my last post, have a 3 day mini vacation for yourself.

oh man, that urge! That want! That need! To talk to that one guy who used to be your everything!

I know ladies, it’s so easy to send a text now adays. Just remember that with every text you send, you’re just pushing him away from you. So if you WANT TO BE WANTED, he must want you enough to text you first.

NOW, if he’s not texting YOU first, &&
You just want to at least read his texts.. This is what you can do.

Leave your phone at home.
Go out for AT LEAST 6 hours,
Or just sit in your balcony go for a run
Go to the pool, go out with a friend..
Do something! Don’t just sit there waiting for that text because that means, this guy has total control over you..

Don’t ever be that girl that he can laugh at, or show his friends and say “she’s so annoying she texts me all the time” .. Yes this does happen. Be the girl that he can say, ” man we broke up and she’s just taking this lightly, maybe I was wrong about her” .. This, MIGHT happen.

I’m giving you little pointers on how to help your life, or if you just think about him, WRITE ABOUT HOW NOT TO TEXT HIM. But that’s just me lol

Thank you guys. Gooood night.

Up all night

What makes a girl or a guy lack sleep more than anything? Breakups, worries, stress, the excruciating tooth pain, or maybe leg twitches?

I wish there was a pill for every single item on that list, but for the ones that are not an easy fix.. Let me help you.

Doesn’t that phrase just SUCK? Why couldn’t the end of a relationship be called something more pleasant like, ‘freedom time’ or ‘happy place’.. Regardless, I guess the phrase would only matter when both parties are okay with the break-up. However, when one person ends a relationship, it’s hard for the opposite party to deal. Now, if you are the ‘ender’ don’t feel guilty, it’s always better to be honest with the other person but yourself most importantly.

NOW ; with that said.
First off, I’m sorry that for whatever reason the relationship didn’t work out.

The first thing to do is to PROCESS what just happened. A relationship no matter how long is a special part of your life. Remember that it is the end of a part in your life, however; that doesn’t mean that it’s always bad.

Think about the reason of the break up, and put yourself in the shoes of the other person & realize that if that was you, YOU would want them to understand & hopefully one day be friends.

Don’t blame yourself.
Don’t blame yourself.
Don’t blame yourself.
Don’t blame yourself.

I can’t stress that enough. A relationship is between 2 people & if it didn’t work out, it was not just your fault & if the other person can’t assume responsibility, you’re better off, honey!

Cry. Scream. Sleep.movies. Eat. Chocolate. Carbs. Run. Box. Punch. Forgive. Understand. Realize. Smile.

In 3 days, you need to get all of the pity out. Anything more is unacceptable, think of yourself before anyone else. Stop wasting time with this person. It’s time to love yourself more than them.


Tell ONE friend.
That’s it, tell your very best friend, wether it’s your mom, your sister your dog, a childhood friend. Anyone, but only one. Don’t let their opinion affect the decision, just take the comfort of releasing the truth. After you think you are ready to go out, DO IT.
Take all offers from friends.
Say yes to the world!
Focus on yourself!
Go back to school
Climb a Mountain
Beat you mile by 1 minute
Lose weight!
Gain confidence
Finish everything you once didn’t.

& just like that, like a snap,
Like a sudden blink, like a reflection, this sadness is gone.

Remember ;

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure

Up all night

I had quite a night. I couldn’t sleep, I thought of a million and one ways to put myself to sleep but sometimes the want is more powerful than the need.

I began a scavenger hunt for my past pictures, i found a million old pictures, some pretty sweet some are just seriously funny.

I found pictures of my childhood dogs, birds, I never knew I had a toucan, as well of pictures of old boyfriends, friends that look like babies, and now.. They HAVE babies.. It was a weird experience!

Sometimes I wonder about how much I miss those times. When I had absolutely no worries, no stress, no obligations, no responsibilities, nothing.

Then I remember that I absolutely love my life, the flaws, the good the bad, the ugly the beautiful, perfectly imperfect.

I learned a wonderful lesson last night as I closed my laptop;

I’ve come so far & grown so much, & that’s a gift that not even time can take away.