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Sunday October 21, 2012.







This was quite the amazing show last night, I however, didn’t get any great pictures. However the memory is enough.

hope you guys saw it!


Today I came across a quote that made me think about my life twice. And my struggles as well as my achievements. I noticed how the most beautiful things in life go through burden too.

A lady walked in with long blonde hair
& penetrating blue eyes that made every person in the room turn to her, almost like a magnet attracting to the positive.
I took her order and sent her off to the other side of the room.
As she walked off
I noticed something almost awakening, a tattoo, on her right arm,
of a quote of some sort, somehow,
I couldn’t help but find out.
I tried to make out the letters
but they were just too hidden.
As she walked by me, the most unbelievable thing happened

she says to me,

hi I’m sorry!
I just wanted to tell you
I really like your peace tattoo

it was almost like
she had come across my path
for a reason.
I read her tattoo for the first time
after thanking her for noticing
& the tattoo simply said ;

Diamonds are made under pressure

To me, this was beautiful.
It was simple but so self-defining.
Needed no explanation
No confirmation, you take it
As you take it and
You leave.

Made me feel appreciated, almost wanted. For being a diamond.
Then again,
Who isn’t?


Calling all my followers!

I need your help gals and fellas! I’m doing a project on March Of the Penguins ! and would LOVE some suggestions on where i can watch it, Read about it, see great accurate reviews and if any of you yourself have seeen it, Please let me know what the overall message of this documentary is.

SO far i have an interview with the Director and it’s here

My first day of the year


So i thought today would just be a boring, everyday day. BOY was i wrong!

January 1st 2012!

It seems a little surreal at first until you look at your calendar.

I went to sleep at around 4 AM on New years day and woke up, naturally, at 3 pm which is by far the latest i have ever woken up. I imagined it to be a very dull and boring day but i actually had a lot of fun with my dad, mom, and sister.

i decided i was going to actually describe my day with pictures. From NYE , until right now.. Here we go!

I got ready for NYE, did my make up and everything.

If you read my previous blog, then you know my NYE was NOT fun at all, so my dad decided to have a fun NYD!

We went to visit Isai, my favorite boy with a gift to welcome the new year!

and guess what caught his attention!

 can you guess how shocked i was? .. not very.

We decided that we wanted to see if his shirts fit him..

and then we got a free modeling show

followed by a thank you to my dad  (he’s his favorite)

then my dad suggested we go to dinner, and my mom ended up splurging on a drink..

can anyone guess what she was drinking?

fine i’ll tell you.. Margarita Absolut

Anyways, after this fun filled day, we went to the park and fed the ducks and then

my sister’s ford explorer had a low tire so we filled it up and then we headed home.

After, My friend Saad came to visit me and we went out for a fun night!

And now i am in my computer, editing and posting this as well as playing…

and YES this really is me. I really do master Minesweeper. This is Expert btw.

Anyways, happy days! Merry holidays! Fun Life!

Have i got a treat for you guys!

Winter, the Dolphin with no tail in Clearwater...

This is my most exciting post to DATE.

I dont know how many people know about WINTER, the dolphin that lost her tail and still is living to this day.

Well, YOU CAN SEE HER LIVE! (no, not the movie Dolphin Tale )

I’m so excited about this. please reblog if you have it in your heart.

You can see winter live here; ANYTIME!

Plan a trip to VISIT winter!

This is the UStream channel!