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A big HELLO To all new followers and a great big HELLO to all of my first followers.

Today I have to speak out. I have to rant, you might say; well I call it addressing issues!

Let me paint a picture for ya;

Relationship of years? Can one still be amicable with your ex? SHOULD you?

I have been wondering how some people can be “friends” with their exs. I sure as heck could never.

It’s not because they were horrible ugly people and destroyed my life(no, really.) BUT because there is always a feeling left behind that one can’t help. I was dating my now ex for 4 years, lived together for a short period of time and broke up after about 1 month of his moving out. Why? Many reasons. Not the point. If you ever need reasons to not be friends with your exs.. Keep reading.

1. You loved each other, ALOT.

There isn’t much to be said here except for, love never truly dies, it just gets replaced by other feelings for the time of “forgetting” but love never dies, not your fucking around-never settling down dude/gal, I’m talking real love, that never goes away. EVER. So you seeing your ex on the daily. NOT THE BEST IDEA BRO.


“What if he stayed because he’s waiting for me to change and he will love me again.. Like before!” He stayed because you’re the go-to. You’re the safe place, the amarte girl, the reallygoodheadgiving girl. Lets be honest, one can only deal with the realities not the what ifs. Be stronger than your emotion for sake!

& 3.


100% sex sex sex.

It’s your comfort zone you know him he knows you, it’s easy and fast.
But it never will be the same. HE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU THE SAME… Because what you see as “casual sex” aka “making sweet love to the man that still loves me dearly” they see as “CASUAL SEX and nothing more. Don’t get your hopes up.


So I hope for now my harsh love helped. Love you guys! Have a safe night!


i’m late!

no no, not pregnant late guys.. sorrry!

however, im late in saying happy new yearsss!

so happy new years!

i’ll leave you with some pictures!



Things That Annoy Me.

By a show of hands how many people get annoyed when they’re told to raise their hands.


I am not a fan of many things, i consider myself to be a very nice and calm person but some things that people do i just cannot stand. I have realized that throughout the years i have expanded my tolerance for a lot of things but there’s some things that always seem to get to me. For example;


do you know how much more energy it must take to open your mouth everytime you chew instead of just keeping it closed? (i dont. i assume more)


I  don’t mind if you scream my name in the halls or catch up to me.  But if you are close enough to tap me, then you are certainly close enough to just say my name and i’ll turn around


i understand sometimes we just cannot help what we eat or we’ve had a long day and our mouths get too dry but seriously there are easy ways to fix this, just drink a lot of water, or eat something that will help you.


I mean it’s a basic principle that is learned throughout the years how hard is it really? It’s 2012! let’s get a book and learn something kids. Sad thing is, i see adults doing this.


when i am right next to you, please don’t scream. It’s like a rule in life, people can hear you talking if you’re next to them. we were made that way for a reason.


That one person who thinks they know everything in class, and believe they deserve the best grade. Well, obviously we are in the same room at the same time, so technically, you’re not that different. Now if they’re naturally smart and you aren’t there’s nothing wrong with that! i’m happy for you. just dont be an ass about it.


enough said.


i understand that you have the remote but when you are watching something that NO ONE in that room but you likes, is it really fair? STOP IT. move on to the next show.


I don’t mean relationship wise. I mean, the gym or working with someone in a project or an animal. That’s just annoying. Either don’t take the responsibility or do but don’t drag someone else along.


shut up.


That’s some of the things that really annoys me personally. What about you guys?

My first day of the year


So i thought today would just be a boring, everyday day. BOY was i wrong!

January 1st 2012!

It seems a little surreal at first until you look at your calendar.

I went to sleep at around 4 AM on New years day and woke up, naturally, at 3 pm which is by far the latest i have ever woken up. I imagined it to be a very dull and boring day but i actually had a lot of fun with my dad, mom, and sister.

i decided i was going to actually describe my day with pictures. From NYE , until right now.. Here we go!

I got ready for NYE, did my make up and everything.

If you read my previous blog, then you know my NYE was NOT fun at all, so my dad decided to have a fun NYD!

We went to visit Isai, my favorite boy with a gift to welcome the new year!

and guess what caught his attention!

 can you guess how shocked i was? .. not very.

We decided that we wanted to see if his shirts fit him..

and then we got a free modeling show

followed by a thank you to my dad  (he’s his favorite)

then my dad suggested we go to dinner, and my mom ended up splurging on a drink..

can anyone guess what she was drinking?

fine i’ll tell you.. Margarita Absolut

Anyways, after this fun filled day, we went to the park and fed the ducks and then

my sister’s ford explorer had a low tire so we filled it up and then we headed home.

After, My friend Saad came to visit me and we went out for a fun night!

And now i am in my computer, editing and posting this as well as playing…

and YES this really is me. I really do master Minesweeper. This is Expert btw.

Anyways, happy days! Merry holidays! Fun Life!