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Real life struggle

Been dealing with it for so long, been holding in too much. 

I need a get away, a safe place. I’m tired of dealing with humanity..

What gives YOU the right to determine the faith of any living thing, with a heart, a brain, feelings and emotions. 

This is probably not the smartest decision but i’m willing to take the heat. 

You’re my sunshine, my smile, my life, my morning and my night, my in- between, my during, my before and will always be.

How can you be so relevant, how did you become my life, when did i fall in love with you?

… and who dares try to take you away from me, even worst:

who dares to reject your sweet love, your tender kisses, your beautiful brown eyes. 

suckers! They have no hearts, so blind they can’t even see the amount of happiness you can give.

But you dont need to, you dont need their approval, you only need me.

You only need my love, my hugs at night, my kisses everyday.

Random gifts, spontaneous trips everyday!


i love you, to the moon && back my sweet bear ❤




My first day of the year


So i thought today would just be a boring, everyday day. BOY was i wrong!

January 1st 2012!

It seems a little surreal at first until you look at your calendar.

I went to sleep at around 4 AM on New years day and woke up, naturally, at 3 pm which is by far the latest i have ever woken up. I imagined it to be a very dull and boring day but i actually had a lot of fun with my dad, mom, and sister.

i decided i was going to actually describe my day with pictures. From NYE , until right now.. Here we go!

I got ready for NYE, did my make up and everything.

If you read my previous blog, then you know my NYE was NOT fun at all, so my dad decided to have a fun NYD!

We went to visit Isai, my favorite boy with a gift to welcome the new year!

and guess what caught his attention!

 can you guess how shocked i was? .. not very.

We decided that we wanted to see if his shirts fit him..

and then we got a free modeling show

followed by a thank you to my dad  (he’s his favorite)

then my dad suggested we go to dinner, and my mom ended up splurging on a drink..

can anyone guess what she was drinking?

fine i’ll tell you.. Margarita Absolut

Anyways, after this fun filled day, we went to the park and fed the ducks and then

my sister’s ford explorer had a low tire so we filled it up and then we headed home.

After, My friend Saad came to visit me and we went out for a fun night!

And now i am in my computer, editing and posting this as well as playing…

and YES this really is me. I really do master Minesweeper. This is Expert btw.

Anyways, happy days! Merry holidays! Fun Life!