Uber vs lyft ?

Alright guys I’m back!

With a less depressing note this time!

I want to know from you guys, which you prefer uber or lyft. I have found both useful but somehow I am leaning more towards uber. I have had some awesome uber drivers and lyft drivers but I feel that the availability is so much more consistent with uber.

For example: tuesday night 10:00pm

Uber has 15 to 20 drivers.

Lyft has 5 to 6 maybe.

Have you tried them yet?

If not sign up and use this code to get a free ride! It’s 2 free rides so you have nothing to lose!


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3 years in the making… 

He sits on his slightly bent wooden chair as he drinks the last of this six pack of Stella Artois, as if it mattered what the drink ever was, staring at me with those soft light brown, watery eyes.  As he puts the beer down on the table he turns and asks me,


Unable to think of the best answer, 

“Because it’s for the best.. For me.”

 Realizing only after the words had spilled out of my mouth like gas, that it burned. I see the pain and the hurt as tears slowly roll down his left cheek, followed by his right. 
I remember this day like it was yesterday, I remember the way I walked out of his house and felt the cold of his hands as it slipped out of mine. Turning around only to see a broken, battered, beaten man face down on his wooden table, remembering only the hurt I decided that even though it was eating me alive from the inside to leave him  like this, I had to.  I am worth something, I am a woman, I need to be appreciated. 

Put the beer down long enough to look me in the eyes and see the hurt you cause. Maybe then you’ll leave it down long enough to love me. 

Grammys 2015

Just some pics of my fav. Dressed





















Cycles of Dieting


I don’t like my body.


I’ve always been overweight, and I don’t expect myself to ever reach the hot, buff levels society expects me to be at if I’m to be considered an “attractive” person, but I would like to lose my gut. Over the past year or two, I can really start to feel it weighing me down. It’s getting harder for me to bend over. It’s getting harder for me to move around at work. Hell, it’s getting harder for me to just breathe. I already have enough weighing me down in my own head; the added weight of my stomach isn’t needed.

Dieting is something I feel like I’m continuously on and off with. I always start off the same way. I make a conscious decision that I’m going to start exercising more, eat less, and eat healthy.


I start using the elliptical machine every day or…

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Uber + free ride!

Hi guys

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A big HELLO To all new followers and a great big HELLO to all of my first followers.

Today I have to speak out. I have to rant, you might say; well I call it addressing issues!

Let me paint a picture for ya;

Relationship of years? Can one still be amicable with your ex? SHOULD you?

I have been wondering how some people can be “friends” with their exs. I sure as heck could never.

It’s not because they were horrible ugly people and destroyed my life(no, really.) BUT because there is always a feeling left behind that one can’t help. I was dating my now ex for 4 years, lived together for a short period of time and broke up after about 1 month of his moving out. Why? Many reasons. Not the point. If you ever need reasons to not be friends with your exs.. Keep reading.

1. You loved each other, ALOT.

There isn’t much to be said here except for, love never truly dies, it just gets replaced by other feelings for the time of “forgetting” but love never dies, not your fucking around-never settling down dude/gal, I’m talking real love, that never goes away. EVER. So you seeing your ex on the daily. NOT THE BEST IDEA BRO.


“What if he stayed because he’s waiting for me to change and he will love me again.. Like before!”
..no. He stayed because you’re the go-to. You’re the safe place, the amarte girl, the reallygoodheadgiving girl. Lets be honest, one can only deal with the realities not the what ifs. Be stronger than your emotion for sake!

& 3.


100% sex sex sex.

It’s your comfort zone you know him he knows you, it’s easy and fast.
But it never will be the same. HE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU THE SAME… Because what you see as “casual sex” aka “making sweet love to the man that still loves me dearly” they see as “CASUAL SEX and nothing more. Don’t get your hopes up.


So I hope for now my harsh love helped. Love you guys! Have a safe night!

Real life struggle

Been dealing with it for so long, been holding in too much. 

I need a get away, a safe place. I’m tired of dealing with humanity..

What gives YOU the right to determine the faith of any living thing, with a heart, a brain, feelings and emotions. 

This is probably not the smartest decision but i’m willing to take the heat. 

You’re my sunshine, my smile, my life, my morning and my night, my in- between, my during, my before and will always be.

How can you be so relevant, how did you become my life, when did i fall in love with you?

… and who dares try to take you away from me, even worst:

who dares to reject your sweet love, your tender kisses, your beautiful brown eyes. 

suckers! They have no hearts, so blind they can’t even see the amount of happiness you can give.

But you dont need to, you dont need their approval, you only need me.

You only need my love, my hugs at night, my kisses everyday.

Random gifts, spontaneous trips everyday!


i love you, to the moon && back my sweet bear ❤